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About me

Maryna Trypolko


We take it for granted that our life will be kept in memories for good, but we don’t always realize that we need help to preserve those precious moments.

Photography is a way of recalling the past by visualizing it, thus it helps stir up even some long-standing memories.

I am the person who has found true meaning in live by recording the most real and sincere part of them – their true selves.

As a photographer who is striving for perfection, I am able to see a person’s inner beauty and reveal it in the most spectacular way through my work and inspiration.

I love traveling. I’m taking pictures all around Europe and abroad.

My mission is to help you cherish your memories, your story, your most important moments, such as your wedding or a newborn baby, that are so unique!

I’ve been taking pictures for more than 8 years already and I’m always eager to put my effort, attention and inspiration into other people.

Welcome to my cosy little inspiration nook!

My art. My memories. My life.

Maryna Trypolko